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  • Our Mission

    At Seamless Plans we are passionate about crafting incredible travel experiences.


    Journeys. Adventures. Moments you will never forget. Like an afternoon spent surfing a volcano in Nicaragua. Or a twilight trek up Mount Agung in Bali. Eating breakfast while you watch the sun rise over the Indian Ocean.


    You might even say we're allergic to the ordinary.


    Whatever your dream, and whatever your budget… we can handcraft a plan that ensures your trip is something truly remarkable. Whether you’re simply visiting New York for the weekend or setting off on a month-long voyage into the heart of the Amazon,

  • Our 'Muscle'

    We curate an all-inclusive travel dossier for you that includes information on hotels, restaurants, transportation, hidden streets, must-do markets and unique experiences. The kind of experiences normally reserved for the extraordinarily well-connected.


    You’ll also find data on passport and visa requirements, local culture and etiquette, tipping practices, along with currency and customs allowances. Plus logistical details like emergency contact numbers, bank and ATM locations, transfer and taxi fees, and expected travel times.


    Now, could you plan all this yourself? If you put in the hours of work, absolutely. But our clients recognize the value of their time. And they appreciate the experience and detail we bring to each and every project. No matter how big or small.

    Prefer to book your own travel? We get it, There's a DIY option for you. Essentially, we give you the same tools and resources as the full-service package ... everything you need to dive into a truly authentic experience. You just book it yourself.


    Whatever your preference, we'll provide you with everything you need for a once in a lifetime trip. You just won't have to spend a lifetime researching it yourself. We’ll handle that for you.




    Simply provide some information on your budget, destination and preferences, then choose the package you want below, Once we have all your details, we’ll start tailoring your personal travel dossier.


  • Traveler Information

    Provide us with some information on your budget, destination & preferences.

  • DIY Package

    *Your total price is based on the number of destinations & optional air add-on

  • Full Service

    From concept and sourcing to designing one-of-a-kind experiential programs and inspired adventures ... even arranging exclusive entries and access, we create the ultimate travel experience. One that you'll remember for all the right reasons. And we manage every detail until you return.

  • Thank you for planning another AMAZING adventure for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do. Without you my journey to every country on the planet + Mars (please add to list btw) would be quite a bit more painful to execute. You always have everything planned and setup and waiting for me with no problems - better than I ever could. Even with my vague instructions I know that I can just show up and it's going to be awesome. - Andrew P

    We know first-hand the incredible travel experiences that Kim creates for her clients, but she just turned a simple road trip to the Grand Canyon into an adventure. From creative route options to unique places to stay (teepee in the desert!) to the number of driving hours and miles between each destination … every detail covered. We just need to pack the car and go. Brilliant! - Michele S

    She organized a European vacation for me and took care of all details, communication, payments etc. The difference is that she gets to know you so she can best understand what your interests are. A travel agent may have a "one stop fits all” approach. Kim has a “personalized approach” and that is what makes the difference between having a good experience and great experience. - Dan S

    You are TRULY the master of seamless plans... I am dying at your packing list. Guess I better reshop! - Lisa

    I can't say enough about what Kim did for us. I never thought I would pull off a zero stress wedding in Kauai. With family from all over the world coming in, she even coordinated all the VISA's. Simply amazing. - Aaron

  • Behind the Scenes


    Chief Planner, Details Diva

    I’m a designer of plans and unapologetic lover of details, with a knack for anticipating the ‘what ifs’ and detective-like skills when it comes to tracking resources.

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